Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter wonderland

Well, this has been a very trying week for the sheep, goats and chickens, thanks to last weekend's blizzard which buried us in. For those of you from colder climes, let me just say that we DO NOT have winter storms very often and when we do, everything falls apart pretty quickly.

All those people sitting in their living rooms in front of fire saying, 'ooh, isn't it pretty!' ....well, just stop it! We were carving paths in the 3 foot drifts for the sheep to get to waterers, hand-carrying water to the chickens in their coops, and just generally getting very cold and wet tromping around the farm, thank-you very much!

Okay, so I'll admit...maybe it was a little pretty, but just a little! I'm sure the chicken I found 'only-because-I-could-still-see-his-head-above-the-snow-that-was-about-to-blow-over-his-head-like-quicksand' DID NOT find it pretty!

ANYways - the snow has started melting, I no longer need to wear my thigh-high wading boots, and normalcy has returned to the farm.

Thanks you for listening....Kent

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