Sunday, December 27, 2009

PIGLET mosh pit

With the days warmer temperatures, I thought you'd enjoy seeing pics of the piglets as they explore the barnyard under mom's watchful eye.

I call this one the piglet mosh pit - they are WILD and quite delicious-looking!

I'd expect 6 of these little guys (and gals) to be ready for processing just in time for our Wednesday afternoon farmer's market in Georgetown...yummy!

One will stay here and become a breeding sow and one is destined for new residence in New York State!

As many of your probably know, we raise Hereford Hogs and are looking to add Gloucester Old Spots to our farm operation come this springtime!

Check out our website for more info about the 'Old Spots'...thanks Rich for hooking us up with some really nice registered breeding stock.

Our unregistered Hereford's will continue on as an important part of our meat production operation in the future.

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