Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vegetable & Tomato Starter Plants for 2013

We will be offering a nice variety of vegetable and tomato starts available after April 1st for pickup on-farm or at the Glover Park - Burleith Farmers market on Saturday mornings, 9 am to 1 pm.

For those of you unfamiliar with that market, its directly across from the Safeway on lower Wisconsin Avenue in the Hardy Middle School parking lot.

Pricing will be $ 5 for 6 packs of veggie starts. Tomato starts will be $5 for medium and $8 for large size plants.

Please email your order to: info@whitmorefarm.com and we will reserve your plants for you.

No plants will be reserved without payment on ordering - we accept checks, paypal.

These varieties represent some of my favorites over the years and most are heirloom varieties.

All inputs (soil, fertilizers) for our starts are organic/NOP/OMRI approved.

More of an ornamental but leaves can be blanched and eaten. We grow this for its great architecure, lovely silver foliage, and purple thistle flowerheads in the garden.
$5 each for sizeable plants.

herbs:  $5/six pack
Italian parsley 
Better, stronger flavor than other forms. Will self-seed if given afternoon shade and moisture. 

Genovese basil 
Classic italian form. Can't imagine summer without it! Really likes the heat, so don't put it out too early. 

Dukat dill 
Another fantastic culinary herb. Fantastic in rice, indian food, and more.

Chives, common (allium schoenoprasum)
Chives....need I say more ;)

I think more Americans should grow fennel. Its really underutilized in our cooking and has a wonderful, delicate flavor. The plants are beautiful and it will reseed readily for volunteers year to year. 

GREENS: $ 5/six pack
Dandelion   Catalogna frastagliata
                  Italiko rossa 
I tried dandelion greens last year and really fell in love with them in salads. One variety has a prominent red stem, the second all green. As you can imagine, easy to grow. 

Lettuce       kweik, tom thumb, oakleaf, others
We will be offering a variety of heirloom lettuce varieties, mostly buttercrisp varieties that tend to form a nice head.

Kale, lancinato ‘dinosaur'  
Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned,  lancinato kale puts all others to shame. A really nice, hearty kale that stands up well in soups and stir fries. It has that really deep, dark color I look for in kale.

Chard, swiss 'bright lights'  
This is an incredibly colorful variety that performs well in moist soil, maybe some afternoon shade.


$5 for medium-sized plant
$8 for large -sized plant

Cherry tomatoes:
Lemon drop             
Prize of the Trials  
Indigo Rose             
Yellow Pear              
Maglia Rosa             
Red Pear                 
Black cherry           
Green grape            

Full-size tomatoes:  
Hillybilly Potato Leaf 
Crnkovic Yugoslavian  
Gold Medal                 
Mortgage Lifter         
Cherokee purple          
Costoluto Genovese     
Green Zebra                
Brandywine, Yellow       

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