Friday, December 24, 2010

Action Alert from Organic Consumers Association

I wanted to encourage everyone who is in favor of protecting small farmers to comment to the USDA on their pending decision to release GMO alfalfa onto the market:

In an earlier post, I talked a lot about the dangers of GMO products and the inadequacy of safety testing requirments on those products.

In another, problems with the overuse of, dependence on, and persistance of herbicides and pesticides in the environment.

This decision kind of brings all of those ideas to the forefront.

Some people say 'what's the harm' in releasing a product like this onto the market - 'it can always be pulled backed off the market if need be'.

But, what our previous experiences with other GMO products have shown us is that there is 'leakage' of GMO genetics into non-GMO seed banks and even into the natural environment around us.

This is one problem once created that cannot be easily reversed.

Please urge the USDA and your representatives in Congress to ban GMO products in the United States!

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  1. Done. Happy New Year Kent, Will and farm yard animals.