Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Rare Maryland Snow Pig

During our recent spat of very un-Maryland-ish snowy weather, there was an unusual sighting - the rare Maryland Snow Pig.

Here a young sow was sighted with her entourage of piglets from a late winter farrowing.

In reality, this would be Gloria 'I Will Survive' Gaynor and her new friends, a group of 8 piglets recently weaned from their mama.

Gloria has taken a shine to the wee ones and they follow her around the pasture. She's been really great about helping forge a path for the little ones to make their way to the waterer and feeder during our recent heavy snowfall.



  1. look at those cute little piglets. are those the ones you had by the fire? how many lived?

  2. We lost 3 of the 4 runts after rewarming them 3 or four times. Decided to let nature take its course...I'll publish some newer pics. They are about 40 lbs now and weaned off their mama as of a few weeks ago.