Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chicken Tractor

Being a pastured-based, grass-fed operation has many advantages in terms of protection of the environment, healthiness of our meats, sustainability, and protection of heritage breeds. One of the major components of this operation is our pastured-poultry operation using our chicken 'tractors', mobile chicken coops on wheels.

The beauty of these coops is that they allow us to move the birds around the pasture evenly distributing manure and helping to keep our pastures fertile and clean.

Mesh floors allow for good air circulation and a clean environment that rarely requires cleaning, and windows let in lots of light and fresh air.

The interior features roosts made of natural treelimbs that accomodate the chickens feet and desire to roost. These roosts fold up to the ceiling to make catching birds easier and when cleaning or repairing the inside of the coop.

Our initial attempt at a chicken house was dubbed the Henmaster 1000, and we recently completed our Henmaster 8000. Each model has seen incremental and significant improvements in design as we learn from our mistakes.


  1. I love your mobile coop and would like to build one for our farm here in Texas. I was wondering if you had the design plans for sell thanks

  2. Thanks for the compliment! We don't have plans but the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Seems like each one we make is a little different and we always use what we have on hand.

    You can scale the coop up or down depending on what kind of frame you're working with - we used some second hand hay wagon frames that we bought cheap, about $200 each as I recall.

    The pneumatic tires tend to get stuck less in wet or icey weather than the metal wheels.


  3. hey there, wondering what size of hardware cloth you like? Is that 1" openings on the Henmaster 8000 there?

  4. Kent,

    Do you remember the dimensions of this coop, and the number of hens you have in it?

  5. What do you do for heating in the winter?